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Dealing with Depression Effectively Today

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Statistics claim that approximately forty percent of individuals will experience depression at some time in life. The symptoms can be not only debilitating but also confusing for the person as well as for family members. Like diabetes, depression is not cured but must be managed in order for the individual to experience any sense of well-being. Following are some strategies to help with the management of depression:1. Focus on the present and future - Things of the past need to be left in the past. There is absolutely nothing that can be accomplished by harbouring hurts and problems that are...

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Why Are You Depressed?

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Statistics claim that as many as forty percent of Canadians will experience depression at some time in their life. This would likely be very hard to measure and might not actually account for the different types of depression that individuals can experience. For example, some depression is temporary and can pass with time. You might be depressed about an examination you wrote only to find that you actually got a good mark which then greatly lifts your mood. Grief can bring different reactions from different people. One person may be devastated by the loss of a pet while another person...

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Understanding Depression with an Unconventional Description

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Frequently I hear individuals talk about being "depressed" and wonder if we this has become a term that is easy to use but not really understood. Depression is much more than having a bad day or feeling sad. There are many, many different types of depression. It can be associated with various illnesses, addictions or seasons. Some individuals experience situational depression which is triggered by an event but resolved in a healthy manner over time. On the other hand, chemical depression can have more severe symptoms that last for months, years or even throughout a lifetime. This type often runs...

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