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Strategies to Manage Anxiety

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Fear, anxiety, worry, control and perfectionism are all cousins. People who are afraid tend to worry about what will happen in the future. They therefore attempt to prevent trouble by trying to control the environment or the people around them. This can lead to relationship problems and the confinement that terms such as "should", "must" and "have to" provide. Yes, fear forms the bars of cages that trap us and steal our freedom. We will never be able to completely rid our world of anxiety but there are several things that will help you to manage it in your own...

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Do You Have an Anxiety Disorder?

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Everyone feels the normal human emotions, nervousness or worry at times, especially when life difficulties occur, a test is to be written or a serious problem needs to be solved. When the anxiety is so severe that it interferes with them being able to lead a normal life because of the distress, however, that person may be experiencing one of several mental illnesses. These usually involve intense fear and can be evidenced and diagnosed in different ways as follows: Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) - This condition is often inappropriately called "shyness", a term which implies that there isn't a solution...

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