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January Bills

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It's bad enough that the Christmas celebrations are over, and the weather is not cooperating with our plans but what makes things even more depressing is the fact that by mid-January, the credit card bills are arriving. It was easy to go over budget during the upbeat marketing frenzy of December. And the flyers promoting winter travel that are also arriving each week are tempting. But, for some, nothing seems to be financially feasible right now. Following are some tips to get back on track. Face the Facts- Open every bill as it arrives. Keep a list of the amount...

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The Simple Life!

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Sometimes life seems so complicated! I have a credit card which provides me with points that can be used for a catalogue full of rewards. After several months of using the card, I realized that I had a significant number of points and reviewed my choices with interest. Since I moved into the condo I have been trying to get rid of things and therefore didn't really need anything from the catalogue but did think it would be nice to get a big screen television for my bedroom. I consulted with my "techie" son who advised me to just purchase...

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