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Spring Fling

Spring Fling

In 1933 Irving Berlin wrote and published the song “Easter Parade”.   Fifteen years later Judy Garland starred in a movie of the same name.   The themes of these involved dressing up in a fancy frilled bonnet and being part of a procession in the streets to celebrate!

I remember in my childhood how spring, Easter and bonnets were all tied together.   Church was a very important part of every week as this is where we had rummage sales, CGIT, choir practice, cooking lessons and a number of other community activities in addition to Sunday School and church services.

Many of the women would use Easter Sunday as a time to change their wardrobes from the drab colours of winter into the brighter pastels of summer.    I will never forget a specific Easter when we were deluged with snow! That didn’t stop one lady from wearing her bright pink coat and matching hat that was decorated with flowers.   Good for her!    She wasn’t going to let the weather stifle her!

The pandemic has certainly changed the way that we live with all its restrictions.   Many have what has been termed “COVID fatigue”.   Parades often involve people in vehicles driving past a residence or nursing home while honking horns and yelling greetings for those who are having birthdays.

This year I don’t think we are not planning any Easter parades.   But, despite this, there is nothing stopping us from pulling out a spring outfit, hat included and dressing up to celebrate the change in seasons and the Christian holiday.   We can remember the reason that we observe Easter each year and how this impacts us at a personal level.

So, over the next few days, think about how you can creativity welcome spring and celebrate Easter!   Perhaps you can plan a parade in your heart in which you line up all your blessings and give thanks.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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