Somethings Never Change
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Somethings Never Change

This week I have been thinking about the attitudes that people have towards change.  Some people dread it, others resist it and a third group embraces it.

Years ago, while working for the government I would hear people complain about the multiple system changes that causes them grief.  My reply was always “If we didn’t have change, we would all be chasing our dinner with a bow and arrow!”

No matter how much change happens in society, however, there are some things that never change.  Here are a few of them 

  1. Longevity – We all suffer illness and eventually physically stop functioning.  None of us can usually predict or alter the timing or the way that this happens but birth and death are events that all humans experience.
  2. Seasons – We can depend on the earth to offer us different environmental changes throughout the year.  Sometimes there may be more sunshine, or precipitation or a variance in temperatures, all of which make life more interesting.
  3. Consequences – Many natural laws occur even if we don’t notice or acknowledge them all. The law of cause and effect for example, means that patterns occur which can be predicted and either avoided or enacted.  Live beyond your means and you will be financially poor.  Spend less than you earn and become wealthy.
  4. Choice – Even doing nothing is a choice. Each of us has free will.  We are not puppets and even when we feel forced to do certain things, we do them without considering the fact that there is likely at least one other option.
  5. Needs – We all have basic needs that include food, clothing, and shelter. The psychologist Maslow developed a theory that ranks needs in a hierarchical structure.  The next level, above physiological needs for humans is the need for safety and security, followed by then love and belonging.  The final two steps of self-esteem and self-actualizing cannot be met until all the previously mentioned are secured.
  6. The human spirit – No matter how difficult things get, there are people in society who just don’t give up. They continue to dream dreams, make plans, and take action and carry on.  They inspire others, invent new things and make peace in the middle of chaos.
  7. Community – We all find comfort in relationships. These may be with friends or family.  Perhaps a pet or nature provides the spiritual connection that gives life purpose.  Even just sharing a smile and a few words in greeting a stranger can brighten a day.
  8. Desire – Most people have an idea of how they would like to improve themselves or their world. Unfortunately, sometimes we desire things that are not good for us, but most of the time, our desires help us to build a reputation, be productive and share with others.


This week, think about the things or people in your life that haven’t changed.  Are they things that have built your trust, and given you comfort?   I know that I give thanks for those things upon which I can depend because they are constant.

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