Sleep Problems Can Hurt Your Business
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Sleep Problems Can Hurt Your Business

I tell my clients that I am very much like a baby. If I don't eat or sleep - I cry!

Some people claim that they do not get enough sleep. The reason for this might be that they have too many things to do with work and family demands. They hurry through the day trying to get everything done often without reaching the finish line. At night, they fall into bed to try to get a few hours of sleep before the next race begins in the morning!

Others know that they need sleep and do better when they have had enough of it but become distracted from it with internet or television. Instead of going to bed when they are tired, they decide to watch "just one more show" and, before they know it they have allowed this to run into yet another show and show. By the time that they go get to bed they are totally exhausted and, when the morning comes, the last thing that they want to do is to get up.

A third group of people actually have sleep disorders and despite attempts to resolve this with mediation or other treatments, they lie awake for hour after hour wishing that they could sleep or go to sleep but wake up in the morning without feeling rested.

Not getting enough sleep can affect everything in your life. You might lose your ability to focus on things, feel grumpy, act in a lethargic manner or even find yourself starting off into space. Some researchers actually claim that when you drive to work without remembering doing so, it means that you actually were sleeping with your eyes open. That is scary!

Those who are in safety sensitive positions at work place their lives and the lives of others at risk as they might make a mistake because they are not alert.

Sleep needs to be respected and protected. The best way to do this is to set up your bedroom so that it is not only comfortable and dark but also has the right temperature and bedding so you will be relaxed. Bedrooms are for sleep and sex only so remove any computers, televisions and other distractions.

Finally, set up a good sleep hygiene pattern that consists of preparing for bed with relaxing activities and a warm bath. Make sure that you go to bed at the same time each night.

When you get enough sleep you will find that you are more alert, happy and eager to begin a day of building your business.

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