Sixty-Five Years Young!
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Sixty-Five Years Young!

Well, on August 7th I will have my sixty-fifth birthday! I can't really identify any significant changes in my health or personal life but there are a number of things that will change because of that milestone.

First of all, I will no longer be required to contribute to the federal, provincial or personal pension plans. My health insurance benefits will continue with the same privileges even though the quarterly premiums will be waived. I will be able to identify myself as a senior for discounts that start at sixty-five.

On top of all of this, I will have automatic monthly deposits arriving in my personal bank account.

Wow! Not every country in the world pays you to NOT work.

But I am a bit of a rebel. I am planning to keep working. I figure that as long as I have my health and passion for my career I might as well keep going. People who are bored can become boring and one of the last things that I want is to be either of these.

Now I know that reaching the age of sixty-five is not a positive time for everyone. Some people dread this because they are concerned about deteriorating health and facing death.

Some are forced to retire because of their company policies and, because they have invested most of their time and energy into their jobs, they haven't developed hobbies or friendships. Being a senior can present itself as a lonely and non-productive time.

Many people do well for the first eight or ten months but then wonder whether they have lost their value to society. You can only golf so many games and sinking all your money into a boat can lose its luster.

So, I have been thinking about my life and how blessed I am. Most of my clients claim that I am helpful. My children are respectful to me and my friends are loyal. The seven individuals who call me "Grandma" and I have a strong and mutual love for each other with lots of fun adventures. I have a nice place to live, a car to drive and I can drive it wherever I want to go. I can enjoy nutritious food, appropriate clothing and interesting cultural events. The air is clean, the water pure and the environment beautiful. The country that I live in celebrates people and freedom. I don't have to deal with war, tsunamis, dictatorships or many of the problems that we know are occurring in other countries.

Thank you, Canada, for being a wonderful place that I can call home life is good!

Life is good!

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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