Sexual Addiction Can Hurt Your Business
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Sexual Addiction Can Hurt Your Business

People who are addicted to sex usually try to hide this situation. But, their time and possibly their money can be indicators that there is truly a problem!

Addictions are mesmerizing. They lull you into a place that prevents you from being able to fully function in the areas that you are responsible for looking after. In fact, thoughts about this can be focussed for most of your waking hours on getting the thing that you want.

Sometimes, people use the internet as a way to deal with their sexual addiction. They spend hours and hours looking at pornography or paying to be on sites that will feed their fantasies. And this is not limited to time that they are alone or at home. In fact, it is quite alarming to find that many employees actually are doing this during their regular work hours - in the office.

Other people may put their time and money into videos or magazines that feed their addiction. And I say "feed" because usually the problem grows and becomes more serious over time.

Even when a person appears to be "happily married" or in a healthy relationship, there can be an addiction that threatens this.

Often I will talk with clients about how I define the term addiction. I usually say that it is when you use too much of something for the wrong reason in order to get through the day. Most people who have problems with addiction merely use a substance or activities to reduce the negative feelings that they do not know how to handle in a healthy way. Masturbating or having sex might be a way to reduce anxiety or tension or avoid fears. When a person discovers that this will help with the feelings, s/he turns to it every time those feelings arise.

And it is easy for people to get "instant" gratification. Technology allows anyone with the desire and a credit card to tune into a site where a beautiful, willing and encouraging model will say and do what you want. The model never has a period or a headache. She isn't overly tired or worried about picking the children up for school. Housework or career demands do not interfere with your plans. Sounds simple, doesn't it.

But, as long as you are investing your time, energy, money and thought life into your sexual addiction, you are cheating your business and, may lead to a point where you have serious regrets in the future.

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