Setting the Vision and Tone - Your Blueprint

Imagine what would happen if you decided to build a house without a blueprint? When you hired the contractor, they wouldn't know what to do. You would not be able to order the necessary materials because you wouldn't know what you needed. You wouldn't even know where to start on the project.

It's the same thing for starting and developing a business. In fact, I believe that more time and effort need to be invested into planning the work than in doing the work. I have heard many people proclaim, "You need to work harder ON the business than IN the business".

One of the things that I learned to do several years ago was to write a Business Plan. The Government of Canada website offers an excellent interactive version which can be completed in manageable sections. It challenges you to think about the market, your competition, and the unique ways that you can serve your clientèle.

If you want to build a strong and successful business, you need to identify what that means to you. Once you can clearly state exactly how you want the business to function and produce, you will be able to map out the tasks that will be needed. Fuzzy goals do not materialize.

Often clients tell me that they would like to travel, study, or complete a project. When I ask them about how and when they will do this, they reply "I don't know." Apathy and lack of planning usually result in lack of accomplishment.

Life is easy when it is planned and scheduled. I go for massages twice a month and have the spa books them at least three months in advance. I never have to worry about calling in and being told that my massage therapist is too booked to see me!

Developing a blueprint for your business takes work but offers huge rewards. I recommend that before you ever open the door to your business, you lay out a clear and detailed plan. That will help to ensure that working IN your business is a pleasant adventure.

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