Three Things We Can Promote Which Would Improve the World
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Three Things We Can Promote Which Would Improve the World

The other day one of my clients stated that she would like to teach the three "R"s to people. I immediately began to wonder what had lead her to this stance as she wasn't a teacher my thoughts were that she was referring to "reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic". I was surprised when she went on to explain that her three "R"s consisted of "Respect", "Responsibility" and "Return to Common Sense".

My client demonstrated some wisdom and I support her view from the following perspective:

1. Respect needs to be a global attitude that includes respect for self, others, and the things of our world. When a person has self-respect, s/he is less inclined to fall into unhealthy activities or relationships. The person tends to learn about needs and endeavors to have those met in a positive manner. Respecting others facilitates communication, empathy and sharing. It reduces abuse and discrimination while fostering a spirit of collaboration. Respect for things of the world prevents pollution, waste of resources and property of others.

2. Responsibility is a word that implies obligation and dependability. We can be responsible for ourselves - to do our work, care for others and act in a mature manner. We can also take responsibility for specific tasks or projects that might include anything from cleaning our homes to fundraising for charity.

3. Return to common sense is an interesting concept. Common sense isn't all that common anymore and it certainly doesn't make sense to everyone! The term implies that people would have practical answers to everyday situations. But we do not develop this ability unless we have a good example to follow or opportunities to learn through experience.

I have been wondering what things other people would suggest to improve our world if they were asked for their perspectives. What do you think are the three most important things that you would like to teach others which would have a global effect?

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker.

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