The Basics

I recently had a very wise junior high school client tell me that she greatly enjoys helping her fellow students with their math. She went on to explain that if you do not understand basic math concepts you will not be able to move on to learn the more difficult ones. Unlike Social Studies or Science in which you study a number of different topics that can be totally unrelated, math requires that you have a good grasp of the foundational concepts and then build on them.

Life is like that. Sometimes people wonder why they are having problems and don't understand that there are a few basic foundational concepts that, when learned and practiced, will help them to do well.


  1. Always tell the truth - When you make a habit of lying you need to have a really good memory. If you can't remember the lies you will trip yourself up and reach a point where others won't trust you.
  2. Spend less than you earn - If your lifestyle exceeds your income, it won't take long until that will catch up to you. Living on credit means that you will not only owe what you borrowed or put on plastic but also the interest that accumulates over time.
  3. Become an avid reader- When you read, you gain knowledge and become more interesting. You can learn to do or fix anything from the contents found in books and will not be as needy for others because reading is an excellent form of entertainment.
  4. Work hard - There isn't any better medicine in life than being able to work. A job or project gives you a reason to get up and get dressed in the morning. It allows you to interact with others, feel valued and sleep well. It also gives you some coins to jingle and use to buy your needs.
  5. Value cleanliness - My Norwegian grandmother used to say "Anyone can follow a recipe but not everyone is clean". Make sure that your body and clothes are clean as well as your environment. These things will increase your self-esteem, help you to stay healthy, facilitate productivity and allow others to feel comfortable when they are with you.
  6. Respect people and do what you promise- Every person on earth has value and deserves to be respected even if they have done something that seems totally inappropriate or unacceptable. You will gain respect and increase your own self-respect when you are first of all able to give it to others.
  7. Be on Time - Everyone is busy and that is not an excuse to be late. Airplanes won't wait for you, Income Tax will penalize you and people will think less of you if you are someone who doesn't arrive on time or meet the specified deadlines. You see being late is a form of rudeness that implies the other person's time isn't important. On the other hand, being on time, or even a few minutes early, is less stressful and also shows your commitment and respect to those who are involving or watching.


It doesn't matter if you are a child, adolescent, adult or senior. You can be a student, homemaker, employee, entrepreneur or retiree. Your culture, geographic location and health situation are irrelevant. If you follow the above concepts, regardless of your status or situation, you will enhance your life and gain the esteem of others.

And if there is one or more concepts that you have not practiced in the past, that's okay. You can just begin today and see the blessings that will bring!

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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