Self-Improvement Means Taking Things One Step At A Time
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Self-Improvement Means Taking Things One Step At A Time

So often I hear clients tell me that they can't start something because they might not like it. For example, they explain that they would not apply for a specific job because the employer might not offer them a suitable salary.

My advice is always the same. I suggest that they break the project down into little pieces and make decisions at points along the way.

You see, basing big decisions on lack of information isn't very wise.

If you apply for a job there are a number of steps that have to be taken:

1. Update your resume - You need to ensure that all of your education and experience is listed and that everything on the resume is accurate.

2. Complete the application process - There are likely other forms that need to be completed in physical format or through electronic means. Make sure you do this by the deadline.

3. Prepare for the interview - You might want to review the advertisement and write out specific points that you would cover to show that you have the qualifications that are required. Also, have a list of questions ready so you can get the information you will need to know more about the employment.

4. Attend the interview - Make sure you have the correct time and address. Dress appropriately and make sure you feel confident about how suitable you will be in this position.

5. Think about how you will respond if you are given an offer and what questions you might ask if you are told that you didn't get the job.

There are several steps in the above process and each one of them offers opportunity to make decisions. You can move to the next step or completely stop the process at any time.

It really doesn't matter what type of self-improvement you are thinking about. No matter what you consider, whether it is losing weight, taking more education, beginning a family, starting a financial plan, or learning a sport, there are ways to break the process down into small steps, each offering decision-making opportunities.

If you allow yourself to become paralyzed before you have even started to collect information or move into a start position, you will be cheating yourself and may even look foolish to other people because of your lack of wisdom.

The best way to start a self-improvement package is to consider the steps to get to the goal and then begin with the first one before passing any judgment.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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