Is Your Life Like The Titanic?
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Is Your Life Like The Titanic?

Have you ever been asked to choose a movie title that would best describe your life?

Would you choose "Are We There Yet?", "It's a Wonderful Life" or perhaps "The Way We Were"? Is your life more like a comedy, documentary, romance, sci-fi or tragedy?

This year is the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. It is ironic that even the commemorative voyage had troubles and had to turn back when one of the passengers became seriously ill. Often those who think about the Titanic automatically associate it with doom and gloom.

Do you feel that your life is like that of the Titanic? If so, perhaps there are lessons that can be learned from the sinking of that beautiful ship:

1. Life is not perfect - Reality is that we each experience both sunshine and rain; health and illness; joy and sadness. There are times in every life that are amazing and times that can be difficult. Do not take anything for granted. A good job, loving family and stable income can disappear quickly. What you assume is "forever" can be brief.

2. Planning is important - It is not wise to be naïve and expect everything to work out on its own. Those who have not thought about retirement, for example, might be very disappointed when they are older. Ignoring self-care does result in poor health. People who fail to plan really do plan to fail.

3. Continually develop new skills - Opportunities appear to those who are prepared. You do not learn a new language or earn a degree through wishing. Ask those around you to share their techniques with you. Take a course. Chase an interest. Practice until you are competent. You are responsible for your own personal growth.

4. Seek wise counsel - Find someone who you can trust to help you make good choices and deal with problems. Look for people who are successful in the area that you wish to achieve success. Taking advice about money from someone who is poor will likely not get you where you wish to be.

5. Stay calm - People who are in crisis can further endanger themselves and others if they act impulsively. Consider all the options available to you and make good choices.

6. Develop relationships and build teams - Two horses that are pulling together can pull more weight than the two can pull separately. There is strength that comes from working together.

7. Always think about your legacy - You will not live forever and, in fact, your end could come much sooner than you hope or expect. What will others say about you when you are gone? Will they learn from your example and admire your character?

The sinking of the Titanic was a disaster that has not only lived in the hearts and minds of people but is also memorialized through the movie by the same name and the centennial projects that are planned.

We do not remember this ship merely because of the trauma that it brought to so many but also because of the amazing beauty that the ship itself represented.

Is your life one that others will remember because of the beauty that you displayed to others with your kindness, actions, character or vision? Will you leave something that people will celebrate one hundred years after you are gone?

If not - then why not?

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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