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There's an old expression that states: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". That is good advice.

So often, I hear the sad tales of individuals who put all of their hope and energy in one thing that they think they must have in order to be happy and successful. Sometimes it is a career or promotion that they just "have to have". It might be a relationship that they believe they "can't live without". Some base their value as a parent on the behaviours of one child or their self-worth on the words of another person.

Many individuals think that life will never be better until their horse comes in first or they win the lottery that they have so faithfully support in ticket purchases for years. They think that all they need is a better break or another chance and, rather than working on anything to improve life, wait around for these to just show up.

I am shocked when a client tells me that an incident that occurred decades ago continues to haunt them in the present or how a negative opinion given by someone in their youth holds them hostage.

There is no doubt about it - life can be difficult at times! But we need to remember that each of us holds within us the ability to make choices about how we will live today and tomorrow.

One of the best choices you can make is to believe in yourself and the power you have to build a healthy lifestyle.

We are not victims - unless we choose to be.

Yes, there are external things that happen to us over which we do not have control - like serious illness or environmental disaster or a country's economic downturns. But no matter what happens, we still have the opportunity to choose how we will respond and live.

If you are only focused on one thing and it is negative or out of your control, however, it will be more difficult to keep things in perspective.

There are now seven billion people on earth. The opinion of one should not be given the power to negatively change or ruin your life.

Choose to have a number of interesting activities so you won't become lonely. Develop relationships with wise people so you have good support. Consider career options and educational opportunities that would prevent you from feeling trapped in an unsatisfactory job. Take care of your health and your money so you are not unnecessarily stressed. Learn to love yourself so you will have confidence and not fall for the skewed opinions of others.

Focus on what you want rather than on what you don't want. Invest your time doing the things that make the present satisfying and offer an even better future for you and those you care about.

You see, life is choices. I encourage you to make good ones!


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