Remembrance Day: Did You Ever?
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Remembrance Day: Did You Ever?

Did you ever...


  • run, walk or work out until you ached all over and then start all over again?
  • wake up in the dark and go to bed hours later in the dark?
  • practice and practice and practice to learn one skill?
  • leave your family for months at a time to live and work in a far-off country?
  • think that your boss was a control freak or a micro-manager?
  • wonder at times why you choose your career path?
  • experience cold, hunger and loneliness all at the same time?
  • do what you were told when you didn't understand or agree?
  • witness God's beautiful world being destroyed unnecessarily?
  • feel desperately ill and not have immediate access to proper health care?
  • find yourself surrounded by people who didn't speak your language?
  • feel like you were trapped in a job that required too much from you?
  • long for your own bed after several nights of being away from it?
  • dislike some of your co-workers but know there was nothing you could do about them?
  • feel so much fear that you thought you wouldn't be able to carry on?
  • trust that you were doing the right thing even when it felt wrong?
  • count the days until a project was over?
  • survive a violent attack by a group of thugs?
  • suffer so much pain that you passed out?
  • sleep with your clothes and shoes on so you could run if necessary?
  • have to keep your location a secret even from your family?
  • grieve because you have lost a close friend?
  • stay awake to avoid nightmares?
  • get sea or air sick on a long journey?
  • feel disillusioned?
  • distrust politicians?
  • wish that you didn't have to wear a uniform to work?
  • crawl through mud on a cold, cold day?
  • dread to hear the sound of an ambulance siren?
  • not be able to explain what you had experienced?
  • run out of words needed to form a prayer?
  • smell death?
  • know that one little mistake could risk your life and the lives of all those around you?
  • realize that your efforts translated into freedom and peace for others?
  • experience a healthy pride from knowing that you served your country?


If you did, perhaps you are a soldier, sailor, pilot, veteran or peace officer who deserves the respect, honour and deep gratitude of us all.

November 11th- Remembrance Day - Lest we Forget!

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