Proud Canadians
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Proud Canadians

It's easy to complain. Yes, we have a very young Prime Minister who is bound to make mistakes. Most of them do at times. But he's enthusiastic and after all we did vote him in. Or were you one of the citizens who didn't bother to go to the polls?

Our economy isn't necessarily where we want it to be but there are jobs available. Perhaps they don't match your career or income goals. Maybe you should consider the educational opportunities we have at our doorstep or through the internet. Can't afford it? There are grants, bursaries and Student Loans to research. And there are always ways that you can spend less in your personal life. Focus on needs and not wants.

Are you disappointed with public services, the Justice system or health care? At least we have them. It' rather reassuring to know that we can enjoy clean air and drinking water, manicured parks and transit. We don't have to worry about having our heads chopped off by a machete "just because" or live in lawless abandon. Sure you might have to wait for a few hours in an emergency room because your health problem isn't at the top of the triage list but you will see a physician and be offered assessment and treatment services.

Maybe you don't think we handle foreign affairs properly. But we can go pretty well anywhere in the world and be welcomed just because we come from the country that sports a red maple leaf on our flag.

Things aren't perfect but they are a lot better than they used to be and certainly way above many other countries in the world.

If you were in charge, could you fix everything? Probably not. And what you think would work better likely wouldn't match the ideas of some of your neighbours or family members.

As we approach July 1st, let's think about how we can truly celebrate the land where we live. Instead of complaining about the Prime Minister, let's honour his position and show patience. Instead of cursing our economy, let's recognize that each of us has some responsibility for our personal choices. Instead of bad-mouthing our policies and institutions let's give thanks that we have made progress.

Our national anthem challenges us to "Stand on guard for thee". It's pretty hard to defend something we don't value.

Tough times don't last but tough people do.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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