Physical Limitations Can Hurt Your Business
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Physical Limitations Can Hurt Your Business

There are several different types of physical limitations that can occur which, if not dealt with in a proper way, might hurt your business.

1. Serious or chronic illness - When you are battling with cancer or another physical problem that steals your strength and ability to function in a healthy way, you may need to be away from your business at unexpected times or for long period of time.

It is therefore very important that you have staff and as many automated systems in place that will allow your business to continue without serious interruptions. Make sure that you have a plan in place that will provide continuation of services for your staff and clients.

2. Repeated infections, colds or viruses - Some people suffer from illnesses over and over again and never seem to get to a point of health.

When you have good self-care practices, your health will likely be optimal. Make sure that you have enough sleep, a good nutritious diet, interesting activities in which you participate, limited amounts of stress and proper medical care. When you are sick, stay home and take care of yourself properly. That way you will recover faster and not risk infecting others in your business environment.

3. Physical disabilities - Often an accident or injury can place you in a situation where you cannot perform the tasks that are needed or negotiate the physical environment. Last summer, for example, I broke my writing hand and was extremely limited in what I could do. I wasn't able to drive, do my documentation or type.

Sometimes you will need to seriously alter things in order to continue in your role within the business. You might need to change the physical structure (such as widen a bathroom door), delegate tasks (have sometime prepare your reports or use a voice recognition software) or even take advantage of technology to change the way that services are provided (perhaps you could talk with clients by telephone rather than in person).

You see, it is not the physical limitation that is really a problem that can hurt or end your business. It is how you deal with the limitation that will determine the direction that the business will go. Because of this, make a good creative plan that will allow you to make the adjustments so the needs of you, your staff and your clients can still be met.

Do not let physical limitations hurt your business.

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