Options to Consider When Picking a New Hobby
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Options to Consider When Picking a New Hobby

Each of us is unique and choosing a hobby therefore needs to be something that is uniquely suited to our interests, personal characteristics, financial situation and abilities. I am always so interested in the things that people do as hobbies. Many use their creativity to come up with ideas that have not been chartered by anyone else. One man in our community, for example, has collected and painted thousands of miniature figures to recreate a war scene. It's definitely not a mobile work that can be easily transported but it has attracted the attention of hundreds of people who are educated by the investment that the creator has made.

When you are choosing a hobby there are several things that you should consider as follows:

1. Can you afford this? - Many people start scrapbooking and then are stalled because they state that they cannot afford the supplies to continue. Make sure that pick a hobby that you will be able to afford over the long-term.

2. Do you have room for the hobby? - Let's say that you want to collect train sets but live in a small condo. You likely will not have the physical space to display and enjoy your work. Consider the room that you will need to be active with your hobby.

3. Are you physically able to do the hobby? If you are in a wheelchair you might not consider some sports activities. I'm not at all trying to discriminate but know that choosing hobbies requires some practicality,

4. What are your interests? If you have problems with this, think about things that you enjoyed as a child or adolescent to look for clues. I used to enjoy swimming and so, when my doctor recommended that I get more exercise I moved into a condo with a swimming pool. Good choice!

5. Will you need to take training and is it available? Some hobbies require expertise and if you are not able to learn the skills necessary you will likely be disappointed over the long-term. Make sure that you are able to gain the training that you need for the least amount of financial and time investment.

6. Are you choosing something that you can do long-term? I always think it is sad when seniors have so many losses and then need to give up one of their favourite hobbies because they don't have one or more of the above. Think about what you might like to do that will be a life-time activity.

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