Notorious Nineteen

Stephanie Plum has been working as a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinnie. She blackmailed him into giving her a job because she was desperate. Unfortunately, Stephanie isn't very good at chasing and capturing the individuals who missed their Court date and she only gets paid a commission based on their bail amount once she has obtained a receipt from the police.

Because of the characters in Stephanie's family and at work, Stephanie is often having problems in several areas of her life at the same time.

In "Notorious Nineteen" Stephanie finally has a chance to make some money when she is given the file for Geoffrey Cubbin. Cubbin had stolen millions of dollars from the assisted-living facility that he was supposed to manager. The residents are so upset with him. After an emergency appendectomy, however, Cubbin disappears from the hospital and Stephanie is determined to find him. Things become more complicated, however, when more patients begin disappearing.

Stephanie has been romantically involved in an "on-again, off-again" fashion with Trenton police officer Joe Morelli. They have known each other since they were children and even though there is a strong attraction, their levels of commitment never seem to match. Joe has matured as he has aged and is known as being a good cop. He and Stephanie therefore team up to find Cubbin - Joe because of his job and Stephanie because of the money.

When Stephanie began working for Vinnie, she was mentored by a rather mysterious Cuban man named Ranger. He is a security expert who operates an international company, but Stephanie doesn't know much more about him than the fact that she is extremely attracted to him. Ranger is working on a security case that involves protecting Ranger's friend from his Special Forces days who is getting married. He asks Stephanie to help him with this and she agrees to do this, not knowing really what she was getting into.

Besides being Ranger’s “date”, she is required to serve as Matron of Honour for the wedding and that just isn't something that she wants to do. She also doesn't want to be threatened or harmed by the deadly individual who is out to get Ranger, his friend and the two women who are in their lives.

So, between fittings and preparations for the wedding, Stephanie is trying to find out why so many people are disappearing from the hospital. Little did she realize that the strange wooden Tiki statue she was using as bait to capture one of her "skippers" would have such a significant role in her life. At first, she thinks it is just a rather silly item but then finds herself talking to it and even trying to protect it. Never did she think that in the end it might actually protect her.

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels are simple to read but have intricate plots that are filled with murder, mystery and humour. This is just one more gem from the number one New York Times Bestselling author's pen.

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