Noticing Daily Gifts
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Noticing Daily Gifts


Last Saturday I had a long list of things that needed to be done so got an early start.  I headed to my office to drop off and pick up items that would sum up my week’s work with clients.  There wasn’t anyone in the professional building which offered an interesting silence. 


For a couple of hours, I just soaked up the comfort and beauty of the space I had decorated for clients and staff while autographing books and doing some paperwork.

Next, I picked up a grocery order that I had placed online and then headed to a market garden for some fresh vegetables.  My car is seven years old but has few miles and I greatly enjoyed the smooth ride there mand back while the French radio station challenged my thinking.

The fall temperatures had begun to transform nature and being surrounded by oranges, reds and yellows was fascinating.  Fields fresh from harvest gave me a feeling of relief, knowing that the crops were in the bin!

I was so glad to have a cart to help me haul everything from my underground parking space up to my condo in just one trip.  

Once all the fresh vegetables were unpacked and lying on the counter, I took a few extra minutes to soak up the sight before moving them into the fridge. 

Making a meal was easy and enjoyable.  I thought about how nice it is to know how to cook tasty recipes and be able to eat them.

The dishes went into a machine and then I had time to do whatever I wanted.   I chose a couple of games of Canasta online and sorted a pile of books for future reading activity. 

Then I noticed that the geranium on my deck was still in full bloom and thought about its beauty and tenacity.  Despite the cool temperatures and the fact that I had quit watering it, it survived.   Amazing!  Perhaps I could bring it indoors for the winter.

As I climbed into my comfortable bed, I found myself humming a chorus of “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart”.

Life isn’t always easy.   Often, it offers us hurt, confusion and pain.   There are times when we don’t know what to do or know that there is nothing we can do to make things better but even in our very worst times, there are blessings - if we take time to look for them.

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving weekend to notice the good things in our life.  It does, however, take focus.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope that there are many, many things in your life for which you can give thanks.

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