Not Understanding People Can Hurt Your Business
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Not Understanding People Can Hurt Your Business

Sometimes people ask me how I know so much about people or why I am able to "predict" what will happen next in a relationship. Well, there are many things that I have learned about human nature that help me to see the patterns in life.

If you are going to do well in business, you need to understand people. There are some things that some might call "common sense" but common sense is not all that common anymore and it doesn't make sense to everyone.

Well, here are a few things that will help you to understand people and improve your business:

  1. People come to see you because they have a need. It probably was not easy for them to do this as most people want everyone to think that they have it so together that they don't need help.
  2. People don't lie to get into trouble, but they sometimes lie to get out of trouble.
  3. Everyone wants respect and will work best with people who demonstrate respect for them.
  4. No matter how dysfunction a person's life can be, it is the only "normal" that they know.
  5. People do not change until life doesn't work for them anymore. We might think that we have wonderful ideas that would help them but, unless they are uncomfortable, they will tend to stay the way they have been in the past.
  6. Usually individuals are most motivated until they get what they want. From A (where they are) to B (where they want to be or have) is therefore a much more productive time than from B onwards.
  7. Everyone has a deep hurt from something in the past.
  8. The individual approached you because they truly believed that you could help.
  9. They will trust you until you prove to them that you are not trustworthy. (It doesn't take much to mess this one up).
  10. Most people will forgive you if you are honest and sincerely ask for forgiveness if you offended them.

These are some rather general statements. If you are truly interested in understanding your clients, it is important that you develop good communication and listening skills. Find out what the client needs and how they would like you to help meet those needs. They will likely be so pleased that you have a deserve to understand them. And then, together you will be able to do some good problem-solving.

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