Not Living In the Moment Can Hurt Your Business
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Not Living In the Moment Can Hurt Your Business

People become distracted so easily. In fact, it would probably be a very different world if everyone would just focus on the moment. Production levels would rise. Projects would likely be completed ahead of schedule. There would be few staffing problems and everyone would like feel satisfied more often.

You see, when we focus on the past we are stuck. Things that are gone need to be left in the past as they cannot be changed. Stewing will not do anything positive and,m in fact, may lead to problems with depression, resentment, or ulcers.

When people focus on the future and worry about what "might" happen an anxiety disorder can develop. Worry and anxiety are twins who live with the cousin fear. Those with anxiety are always in a state of alert and usually do not want to take chances or risks.

So past and present are neither good places to stay.

What do you have left? The present!

This is a good place to be for you not only have control over your situation but also can make choices and do behaviours that will set up a more promising future for you and those who you love.

Begin right now by making a list of all the things that you would like to accomplish. Then write a number beside each so that you have everything in priority order. Now begin to do the thing that has number one beside it and do not stop until it is done. You will likely be quite shocked at how quickly you have a good finished project, especially when you haven't allowed yourself to be distracted by other things or wandering thoughts.

Now start to do the item that has a number two beside it and again block out anything that might get in the way of its completion.

Let's set up an example. Supposed that you decide to clean out the garage as your priority item. First of all you put on some old clothes and then head out. You can waste a lot of time arguing with yourself, thinking you should eat first, or get groceries or any number of things that will abort the plan. Perhaps someone comes to visit you and you think that you need to change your itinerary.

No you don't. If you had a scheduled surgery you likely wouldn't miss it for unexpected company, would you? If you were to be on a television show you would not let things stop you.

Focus on the moment and your plan.

Business, especially if you are a solo professional will not operate on its own. Revenue only appears when you have done something to earn it. Living in the moment will help you to focus on what you need to do.

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