Not Having a Support Group Can Hurt Your Business
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Not Having a Support Group Can Hurt Your Business

As humans we are creatures that need to have relationship with others. Even though you might state that you do well when you have private time, there needs to be a balance between time alone and time with others in both your personal and business activities.

Think about seniors who isolate themselves and have little input from others. Often, they become bored and boring. Their ideas become more and more ingrained because they do not have others to discuss or challenge them. In fact, when they do have a conversation with someone, they might either be very quiet having nothing to say or argumentative about stubborn ideas that might even been outdated.

Each of us needs to have healthy relationships so that we can expand our perspectives, gain support and enjoy the intimacy that comes from sharing. Those who have a good family life can leave the office knowing that when they arrive home, they will have interesting activities and shared experiences with people they care about.

The same is true for business relationships. You do not have to experience the emotional depth that comes with family life but mutual respect and the ability to support each other is a very important part of staying well and making good choices.

I have a number of different friends and relationships, each of which is unique and important in my life. Sometimes, I meet with someone to focus on developments in our chosen field. Other times, I might work with people on committees or in organizations to promote shared goals. Other relationships are based primarily on our need for fun.

Over the years, I have learned that life must have balance and creating this may not be simple. You see, people change and because of this, you will need to make adjustments over time so that the balance that is threatened by change or loss is re-established.

I challenge you to sit down with a paper and pen. Write down all the things that you need in order to have a healthy life. Then, beside each item, write the person or thing that helps you with that need. After you have diligently done the work you will likely see obvious gaps. Now you have an opportunity to plan a way in order to fill the gaps in a health manner.

Remember to also include your need to have some time alone and then schedule that into your calendar.

Before you know it, you will have set out a healthy balance that will help you to enjoy life and reach your potential.

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