Not Finishing What You Start Can Hurt Your Business
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Not Finishing What You Start Can Hurt Your Business

There are lots of things that I have started that I really didn't want to finish. Sometimes I had to force myself. But I am really glad that I did.

Frequently I hear people talk about regrets that they have for not completing the last couple of classes that would have given them a university degree. I hear others explain the problems that they experience from the government because they have not completed their income tax forms by the deadline. Regrets also come in the form of neglect in relationships. "If only" is the start of a statement that precedes a tale of woe from those who didn't say or do something before it was "too late".

Business offers many pitfalls that need to be overcome - sometimes with sheer willpower. "I wish I had worked harder". "I shouldn't have spent so much". "Maybe things would have been better if I had just finished that".

You see, sometimes we need to just force ourselves to do the things that will lead to a better outcome.

Delayed gratification means that you are willing to wait for a reward rather than expect it in the moment. It means doing the things that are necessary so that the future will be easier.

Think about finances. A small investment made consistently over a long period of time becomes a fortune. But most people prefer to have the comforts today rather than do without, In fact, they borrow not just against their credit but also against their future in order to feed their feelings or want. They comfortable themselves with "things" but things do not satisfy over the long-term.

Yes, we need to consider the price that we are paying when we do not finish things.

Will your business thrive if you do not complete a good marketing plan? Will you gain respect by not meeting the deadlines that are expected?

What things do you need to finish? How long would it take to clean up the project? Would it be worth it?

Or will you live with the regrets that come from not finishing the things that will give you peace and a good future not only as a business owner but also as an individual who is part of a family and community?

The choice is yours. You see it might take only a few hours to finish something that would otherwise give you years of grief!

Would that be worth it?

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