Not Being Honest Can Hurt Your Business
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Not Being Honest Can Hurt Your Business

Sometimes my adult children are surprised about the relationship with my grandchildren. I can, at any time, ask them "What do I love more than you?" and, without thought each will state "The truth!"

Of course, the answer is "Definitely".

Last summer one of my twelve-year old grandsons seriously asked me if I really meant it, seemed that he was surprised that anyone could possibly feel this way when his whole life he has been told how much he is loved. It's not like he was upset or anything. He was just confused.

I explained that if a person is a liar then everyone around him really doesn't even know who that person is because things keep changing with each lie.

You see, when you tell one lie, then you have to tell another lie to cover it up. Then you need to fabricate another to cover the most recent one and on and on and on. Finally, down the road, you end up forgetting what the first lie was and you are in big trouble.

When someone tells me a lie and discover this, then I lose trust that I had in that person. Once trust is broken, then you question every single thing that comes out of that person's mouth. How sad.

People usually don't lie to get into trouble - they lie to get out of trouble. So, the cycle continues and another series of lying starts.

People might like you for any number of reasons but most people will be extremely hesitant to believe anything you say after they figure out that you have lied to them. They definitely will protect themselves from becoming too close to you or your business.

Just stop and think for a moment about the last time that you were duped into believing another person's lying. How did you feel after you found out the truth? Were you angry with the other person (or with yourself for believing the lie)? Would you want to invest your money with this person or be involved in business with the one who lied to you?

Well, think about how others view you when you tell a lie. Do they want to deal with you? Or do they avoid you and go to another business? When someone mentions your name or says that they want to use your business products or services what will the person you lied to say about you?

You see, not being honest can hurt your business.

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