No Charge!
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No Charge!

During the most recent snowstorm, I was unable to drive up the slippery hill near my office building so had to park about a block and a half away. Because of the busyness of the day I wasn't ready to head for home until about 10:30 pm.

I left the office and had walked less than a block when suddenly and without warning I fell flat on my back. A very loud crack occurred as my head hit the ice. There I was lying on the ground after being thoroughly shaken and found that I was unable to stand. What a helpless feeling! I began praying while crawling on my hands and knees hoping that if I could reach the lamppost perhaps I could pull myself up onto my feet. All of a sudden my feet found a patch of dry, solid ground and I stood up.

Fortunately nothing was bruised or broken. In fact, as strange as it might seem, my eyesight has significantly improved since then. Must have had some kind of a miracle occur in a synapse or something!

The only negative consequence from the fall was that the right side of my mouth is now very sensitive to cold food or drinks. I thought that perhaps I should have my dentist take a look to ensure that I hadn't broken any teeth or had other major damage in the jaw area.

An appointment was set up within hours and my dentist listened carefully before he examined that area. Then he informed me that I had traumatized the ligaments around the teeth - a situation that might take up to six months to heal. I had never heard of this before but was thankful that healing would occur in time.

Then I went to the front desk, with my wallet in hand to pay for the dentist's time and was told "No charge!"

A few days later I had a problem with my car. Three lights would come on every time that I turned left. A man who was filling his car with gas when I was doing the same thing, pointed out that my right front tire was flat. The lady who checked the oil that day filled the tire but also told me that my oil level was down to half. Then the right signal light began flashing at triple speed.

So I thought I had better head straight to my car dealership for service because I was taking a highway trip that day.

Four men in the service bay checked all the lights, topped up the oil and ensured that the four tires had the right amount of air in them. Excellent service! When they were done, the manager said "Get back in your car. No charge!"

A couple of weeks ago, I had a cyst on my back and an extremely competent specialist surgically removed it. No charge!

Every day I am thankful for the blessings that I receive: the offer of a complimentary newspaper to go with my drive-through breakfast beverage; two hours of parking in the downtown business section of the city; a friendly conversation with a neighbour in the elevator; warm sunshine after a rainy day. No charge!

Each of us continually receives so many things that enhance our lives but demand nothing in return. But do we notice? Or give thanks for them?

And we have opportunity to give so much without demanding payment from others: like holding the door for another person or offering encouraging words or sharing an item that will help them to have a better day. It is even kind of heart-warming to just greet someone with a smile and cheery "Good morning" knowing that there isn't a cost involved for doing so.

It is important to give special attention to all the things that you can give and receive.

Have an amazing week! (No charge!)

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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