My Responsibility

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could control everything?  Well, maybe not! 

I can remember when, in my youth, I would think that I had some amazing ideas and if God would just appoint me to his Board of Directors, I could enact them.  How naïve! 

In time I realized that it was good that I didn’t have that role as I would have messed up an awful lot of things!

Now that I am older and hopefully much more “mature” I realize that I have both rights and responsibilities to enact at a personal level.  Everyone seems to focus on their rights and what they should be given.  Not many talk or think about their responsibilities.

Here are three things that I think are important to consider when it comes to responsibilities:

BE AWARE:  It is very important to know yourself.  Work on your weaknesses.   Have a general understanding of what is going on in the world without allowing crises and opinion to negatively affect your attitude and your health.  Protect yourself from danger and problems by gaining knowledge and applying it.

BE AWAKE:  There are so many possibilities that are available in the world, but we won’t even notice them if we are zoned out.  Unfortunately, people are often distracted by activities that are numbing and, because of this, they miss out on wonderful opportunities.  Pay attention!   Be open to new ideas and willing to take a calculated risk. 

BE ALIVE:  Each day is a gift and you get to choose how you will enjoy it.  You are not a victim – unless you choose to be one.  Take responsibility for your own life and where you are right now!  People who are focussed on blaming others for their situation miss out on joy.  Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are within your control and impact not only you but also those around you.

I frequently tell my clients that we are each like a glass of water.  If we are filled with toxic liquid and splash on others they will be burned.  If we have cleaned ourselves and resolved problems then inside, we have pure, clean liquid.   Splashing on others results in them exclaiming “That was refreshing!”

This week focus on the being aware, awake and alive.  I think you will be surprised by how these three ideas will improve your life and brighten the world of those who interact with you.

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