Money Addiction Can Hurt Your Business
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Money Addiction Can Hurt Your Business

There's an old song that states "Money makes the world go round" but if you have a money addiction, you likely will find that you life is going round and round in negative circles.

People who have addictions usually will do anything to get what they want. As a result, they might sacrifice their values, morals and ethics. They might lie, cheat or even steal in order to fill the greed that is motivated by addictive behaviours. Some people marry for money even if there isn't any love involved. Others might stay in a job that they do not like year after year - just because of the money. Another group may be willing to sell drugs, work in prostitution or scam innocent people in order to build their own bank account.

Sometimes people become fixated on the idea that they can win enough money to satisfy their goals. They buy dozens of lottery tickets each week, spend hours in casinos or bet on sporting events. Each small win fuels them to try again and again and again. They try to hide the behaviours but the bank statements expose them. They promise the family and themselves that they will quit but they don't.

In fact, there are times that they increase the risk just knowing that they will win big the next time. But they don't. You see, casinos always win - that's how they continue to be in business. They know that the odds are in their favour. Lotteries only have a few winners even though millions may have purchased tickets. You might gamble your whole life, never to get ahead.

Those who are in business but also have a money addiction may jeopardize everything by cheating the customers. They might lie about the products, overcharge for services or refuse to give appropriate customer service - all with the idea of that this will help them to have more money. These practises, over time, however, chase customers away and profits soon drop resulting in financial loss and possibly even bankruptcy. In fact, if the operations are illegal, the result might even be a jail sentence.

If you have a money addiction, the best solution is to seek out professional help so that you will be able to discover and deal with the underlying issues that are causing you to act in an unprofessional and unhealthy manner. Best advice - do it now before you end up losing the really positive things in your life!

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