May Long Weekend
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May Long Weekend

Well, we are in pandemic lockdown again but that doesn’t change the dates on the calendar.   No matter what happens, one of the favourite holidays, May long weekend with soon be here.

Many people look forward to this date for a number of reasons.   Which one would apply to you?”

  1. CAMPING – When the weather is nice it is fun to head for a vacation spot with family and gear.   Perhaps a boat, kayak or bikes will add fun to the few days away from home.   And of course, there will be barbecue foods and marshmallows to roast.
  2. ROYAL FAMILY CELEBRATION – Victoria Day has been celebrated since the death of British Queen Victoria in 1901.   This tradition has continued and usually involves a great deal of ceremony for the country and commonwealth.   Covid-19, however, has hampered the usual plans for the past couple of years and this year will likely therefore be low key.
  3. GARDENING – When I grew up in a farming community, everyone used to say that the seed had to be in the ground no later than the tenth of May.   Specialty crops have changed that, but it is still common practice to plant flowers and gardens during the long weekend.
  4. REST – Some people love the idea that they have an extra day off from school and work to enjoy hobbies and time without the regular routine.  
  5. WORK/OVERTIME – Because our society offers goods and services to seven days a week with extended hours, many appreciate having opportunity to work on an overtime rate or be able to bank hours in order to take future time off.   Those who are in essential services such as fire, police and medical staff might find that the long weekend is just part of the shift scheduling for them without much change.
  6. END OF SCHOOL YEAR – Students know that this is the last break before final exams and the beginning of summer.   Those in high school often plan and look forward to partying time that will occur during the long weekend.
  7. SPECIAL PROJECTS – Perhaps you have a specific plan that you will be endeavoring on the long weekend. Will you be building a fence or sewing an outfit?   Maybe you want to make some meals to fill the freezer or watch a movie that you have been saving for a time like this.   Will you practice that new musical number that you want to perfect or start writing your memoirs?  I am wondering if cleaning the garage or organizing your closet are on the agenda.

Yes, I am curious about what you will be doing on Victoria Day?   Perhaps you are not making plans and just looking forward to having a day to sleep in, eat when you are hungry and find satisfaction in not producing or accomplishing anything!

It doesn’t matter what you will do.   Just enjoy your long weekend!

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