Mad, Sad or Glad?
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Mad, Sad or Glad?

Is water good or bad?   It depends on what you do with it.   You can wash your hair, have a drink or drown in it.

Is fire good or bad?   It depends on what you do with it.   You can cook your meal, heat your home or burn your house down with it.

Is the pandemic good or bad?   It depends on how you view it.

Some people are MAD.   They don’t like the fact that governments make rules that can appear to be inconsistent, unfair and financially destructive.   They don’t like being cooped up at home with limited income and risk of disease or even death.   They can’t see their aging relatives who are lonely, have large weddings, travel or even plan a family gathering.   Over the years I have learned that emotions come in tandem.  Underneath anger is fear which fuels the anger.   In fact, the louder and angrier a person becomes shows me the depth of the fear.   What are you afraid of?   Are your fears rational or are they irrational?   Are you letting media scare you?  Perhaps it is time to turn off the news and focus on what you can control.

Some people are SAD.  They are crying and feeling depressed because they have lost control.   Their motivation is gone, and they are stuck at home.   Even if they usually stay home most of the time, they don’t like the idea that they don’t have as many choices as in the past.   They miss their friends and loved ones, wish they could share a game of cards or cup of tea.  They focus on what they have lost and what they don’t want instead of what they have and what they can do.

Some people are GLAD.   They have used the time during the pandemic to clean the garage, do renovations, sort drawers and cull their wardrobes.  Those in business have altered their service delivery from in-restaurant to take out.  Delivery services have expanded.  Some trades have benefitted as demand for plumbers, electricians and painters has increased.   Families have enjoyed eating together at the table every night and learning how to navigate home schooling situations.  Others have found creative ways to make contact with those they love through computer technology, telephone calls and letters writing.  Most importantly, they give thanks that they are healthy and safe.

This is a difficult time for everyone but the way that we perceive life will either harm or help us to get through it!

Hope you dealing with any mad or sad feelings appropriately and spending the most part of very day being glad!

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