Life Is Choices - Choose Thanksgiving
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Life Is Choices - Choose Thanksgiving

It is so easy to focus on all the things that go wrong in a day or in life. Fall is a season that reminds us to focus on the things that are going right - and to give thanks.

The snow comes and with it we may experience dangerous driving, frozen locks, inability to find winter clothing, even flooding when the temperatures vary. But, at the same time, most of us enjoy warm houses, reliable transportation choices, and the promise of spring!

Technology is supposed to make life easier but it's rapidly changing advances can leave us with feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. Often I blame my limited computer skills when something doesn't work only to find that the problem originated in an ivory tower somewhere that was never in my control. When technology doesn't work we can call a Help Line or just turn to pretty well any nine year old for assistance.

Increasing prices and monthly expenses can financial strain. But we can always review our budget and make new choices that will bring relief. There might be things that we don't need, don't want or don't use. Reassessment can result in recycling, selling items or stopping services. And remember, there are usually a number of ways that a person can find to earn a little more that will fill the gap.

Sickness and aging might seem daunting - we all go through episodes where we might not be at our best. Most illnesses are treatable or short-term. Aging offers experience, maturity and wisdom that we can share with the next generation. No point in fighting it! Just relax!

Relationships can be difficult and some people are just plain "toxic". We can learn to set healthy boundaries so that others don't ruin our day. And we can balance the downers by being with positive people or enjoying our hobbies.

The world is full of trouble and terror! Turn the television off! Even though you have a passion to fix things you need to know the difference between what you can do to make change and what you can't do. Replace worry with prayer.

Perhaps you feel that you are alone and don't get to see family very often. Well, right outside your door is a world full of lonely people who will smile and be blessed when you reach out to them. Win/win.

If you think that Thanksgiving Day doesn't apply to you because you are overwhelmed with life and facing a number of problems - think again!

Can you walk, breath or go to the bathroom unassisted? Do you have a safe, warm place to live and sleep? Is your tummy full? Does anyone love or care about you? Do you have choices that you can make to ensure that you will reach your goal or improve yourself? Are there opportunities you might grasp to inspire another person, create a miracle or give a gift?

This week begin a new practice of focusing on your blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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