Lessons People Taught Me

Lately I have been thinking about writing another book about lessons I have learned. There have been so many good things people have shared with me over the years that have helped me. I could fill many, many pages with their wisdom.

1. My two grandmothers taught me practical domestic skills like sewing, knitting, cooking and "making do". They preached that "A stitch and time saves nine". These things have not only helped me around the house but have also filled a lot of what otherwise might have been lonely hours with pleasure and healthy pride.
2. When I purchased my first car my Uncle Ken told me to always do the maintenance by the scheduled date. My commitment to this allowed me to drive that car for thirteen years and the one that followed for eleven years with very few issues.
3. My mother was an excellent example for building of a career. She went to Teacher's College in the 1940s and when she retired she had a record of thirty-five years in the classroom. She loved her work and I believe she had missed only three days in that timeframe because of illness.
4. My Grandpa Hancock came to Canada as an eleven-year-old orphan. I requested his records from the Dr. Barnardo Homes in England and was both pleased and surprised to read messages he had written to the orphanage as a child. In one he said, "It is a good country and anyone can make a living if they try". He taught me the importance of seeing the positive and being thankful.
5. Rob is my first-born child. He has taught me that anyone can run a computer if they realize that they can't wreck it and if they read the messages on the screen before panicking!
6. My daughter Kristal has taught me about beauty. She not only cares about her own appearance but also uses interior design and gardening to make the world more beautiful.
7. Mark, my youngest, has demonstrated the importance of treating others with respect and building connections with them.
8. Jeanie has known me my whole life. She reminds me of the importance of life-long friendship.
9. Debbie was my only sibling. She died after suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for many years. She taught me about tenacity and how to laugh even when you can't move.
10. My seven grandchildren have taught me about unconditional love. (Mind you it helps that they don't have to live with me, so their perspective is somewhat limited).
11. Professionals in my life have modelled service and taught me the importance of self-care.
12. My clients have shared their personal stories with me to build my knowledge base and also offered priceless insight that I, in turn, can pass on to others.
13. My mentor, Elsie, walked through difficult times with me. She always reminded others that are never alone, and God is bigger than any problem we might face.
14. Countless others have believed in me and encouraged me to put one foot in front of the other every day no matter what is going on.

Who have you had in your life as teachers, role-models or supporters? This week make a list of all the lessons you have learned from them and give thanks.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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