Lessons in Time

Most of the generations who came before me are gone now. Only my mother's younger sister who is 88 years old remains. Aunt Amber lives in a senior's residence in Regina and in July I was able to spend the good part of a day with her. I was so touched by this encounter that I wanted to share parts of it with you as it was inspiring.

1. Attitude is everything - Aunt Amber surprised me with her answer to the question "How are you?" She said "I am almost blind, have hearing aids and need a walker now but otherwise I am perfect!" What a wonderful perspective! The next time that someone asks how you are, consider framing your reply in positive terms.

2. Family has bonds that no one else shares - For several hours the two of us talked about our history as well as the joy that the younger generation brings to our lives. One or two words would transport our minds to a number of events from the past as well as the emotions that had accompanied them. Conversation was easy and interesting. It felt good to build some new memories with someone who already shared memories with me. You can do the same with one of your family members by investing in a visit or phone call this week.

3. Keep life simple - I was again surprised when unexpectedly my aunt asked if I would take some things home with me. She graced me with a gypsum frog that my grandfather had made almost a hundred years ago as well as a trinket box that belonged to my other grandfather when he was a child. There were history books as well as photos from momentous occasions that I can now share with my descendants. You can simplify your life while, at the same time, enrich the life of someone by giving away things that hold meaning for the receiver.

4. Make every day an adventure - I enjoyed hearing Aunt Amber's plans for the following week when she would begin a five day holiday in California. But that wasn't the only exciting event on her calendar. She will soon be honoured at an award ceremony for the many contributions she has made to society over the years. You too can choose to add some spice to each day.

5. Bless others with your words - It had been almost six beautiful hours. Aunt Amber was standing on the sidewalk watching as I loaded the car. And as we embraced we both said "I love you". Three tiny but powerful words that cannot be replaced with anything more meaningful! See how many times you can bless others this week by saying them.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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