Learning About What Your Grandchildren Like to Eat
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Learning About What Your Grandchildren Like to Eat

Whenever I am with my grandchildren, I want to know more about them.  Today I am with my ten-year-old grandson and he is helping me to understand what types of food he enjoys.

  1. Strawberries - He likes to eat these either whole or cut.  Sometimes he puts cream or whipped cream on them.
  2. Octopus - I was shocked to hear that he had even tried this.  He explained that when they were in Mexico, he had octopus.  It was cooked and had a crunchy outside.
  3. Cinnamon Buns - Andrew likes to eat these heated in the microwave with caramel, chocolate and whipped cream or ice cream.
  4. Chocolate ice cream - He puts caramel from a bottle that is stored in the fridge on it which he heats before spreading on the ice cream.
  5. Seaweed - (Just joking!)
  6. Brisk - This a beverage that is purchased in a can which tastes like iced tea.
  7. Popcorn chips - Andrew buys these in the store in a package that is labelled "Rice Cakes"
  8. Lobster - This is a very expensive habit that Andrew cultivated.  When I took him to a club in my city he ordered and ate a five pounder!
  9. Bananas - There is always a bunch on the wooden banana rack on the kitchen counter in their house and Andrew never fails to take advantage of these...
  10. Raisin Bagels - He always puts cream cheese on these after heating them up.
  11. Banana Pancakes - This is a real favourite for my grandson and he never fails to ask for them every Saturday.
  12. Baloney Sandwiches with mustard are his favourite school lunch.

It has been interesting and fun to get to know Andrew just a little bit better by writing this article.  I hope that other grandparents will not only use these ideas with their grandchildren but perhaps even communicate with each other to write a list of their favourites.

NOTE:  We read this article to Andrew's parents who were shocked when they heard about the octopus, Apparently it was calamari (not octopus).

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