Lack of Time - The Thing That Stops You From Building a Business
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Lack of Time - The Thing That Stops You From Building a Business

Everyone seems to be complaining that they are too busy. They state that they do not have enough time in the day or week and, in all their busyness, the years fly by!

If you were notified that you had just won an all-expense paid trip for three weeks do you think that you could find the time to go? Of course you would. It's all about setting priorities and making a plan.

What are the things that are stealing your time?

Do you find yourself driving a lot? Many parents think that they are taxi drivers for their children who need to be taken to music lessons, school events or social encounters. What would happen if you treated your vehicle like a university on wheels? You could purchase CDs to listen to while you are driving. In no time you would be able to learn about a business topic during the time that you would otherwise lose.

Are you doing chores or tasks for other people who perhaps should be doing them for themselves? Perhaps delegation is an area that will help you to regain valuable time that you might use for planning and starting a business.

Sometimes people think they are busy but when they actually examine the things that they are doing, they realize that hours are really being invested in non-productive activities. How much time are you spending watching television, sending email jokes or surfing the web? Just knowing the amount of time that is spent on these things can be very motivating.

Let's think about how much time people work in their jobs. Often they waste the employer's time with bad habits, inefficient systems or too much socializing. The business continues to run even when staff only work during part of their shift.

Imagine what would happen if you invested four focused hours every day for the next month in activities that are totally devoted to planning a new business. If you didn't allow yourself to be distracted but instead put all your energy into developing a Business Plan and creating the marketing materials you would be amazed at the results. Putting 120 hours into this would give you a wonderful start on that business, wouldn't it?

Well, when it comes to time, you will need to make a big decision. How you will use it is really up to you! What choices will you make about it?

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