Lack of Confidence Can Hurt Your Business
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Lack of Confidence Can Hurt Your Business

People who lack confidence often do not take risks or the do the things that would build and expand their business. Even though they might have products and services that are as good as or better than their competition, they are quiet about them and therefore often do not have the positive response that they would hope for.

Each of us has a 24 hour self-talk loop that reinforces messages over and over again. Even though this is done at a self-conscience level, most people, when they are awake, can tell you the theme of the messages.

One individual may hear statements such as "You are such an idiot. You will never get things right. I just knew this would happen because nothing goes right for you".

Others might hear and say things like "Good job. You did great. I knew you could do this. Everyone will be so proud of you".

I often ask my clients if there is a type of music that they do not like. Some tell me that they do not like heavy metal or country or jazz. When I ask them to explain their choice I am usually told that the person feels irritated or uptight when they listen to that style.

Then I explain to them that playing the type of music that they do not like and having negative self-talk usually result in the same way. The physical and emotional feelings are often uncomfortable for the person.

What is the solution? Change the music. Put in a new CD. Make sure that the messages you are playing over and over to yourself are the ones that will soothe and relax you instead of ones that leave you feeling uptight.

How can you do this? Well, here is the good news. Your mind can only hold onto one thought at a time. Yes, there may be others that are competing with it, but basically that one thought has dominance. So, with affirmations and practice, you can learn how to make sure that that one thought is one about what you want in your life - not what you don't want.

Practice saying positive things to yourself so that they will displace the thoughts that you do not want to be playing. When you say "I can do this. One step at a time." your mind will begin to strengthen and, over time, you will begin to realize the thinks that you are talking about, And always remember, success breeds success so when you achieve something it will help you in the next situation.

Confidence can be build but if you lack confidence it will likely hurt your business. Time to do something about it now and watch the benefits that you and the business reap as a result.

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