In One Minute
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In One Minute

I recently had a shock that I didn't see coming.

My youngest son, Mark, who is my Office Manager, moved to Medicine Hat four years ago in order to pursue a degree in Social Work. This was wonderful as it is the first time that I have had a grandchild living in the same city. Mikael will be eleven in May. We plan wonderful adventures together and treasure the time that we can share.

Well, about a month ago, Mark announced that he and his wife are pregnant! At first I didn't believe it as it was not something that I had considered for a long time. I already have six grandchildren ranging in age from twenty-one down to Mikaeli's ten years. I thought we were done!

The last few weeks have been very different from how they would have been without this news. Now we are all celebrating and thinking "baby".

This situation made me think about how many times life can change in less than a minute.

Think about an unexpected death. You are going along in your daily routine when you receive the news and, in less than a minute, everything changes. You immediately move items on the calendar that had seemed so important to a position at the bottom of the priority list. Smiles turn to tears. Telephone calls connect loved ones. New plans are needed.

Think about a job offer. Suddenly you are faced with a proposition that will alter about half of your waking hours. You are faced with change: responsibilities, co-workers, maybe even a physical move to another city.

Think about an accident or illness. In one minute you are healthy and doing well. In the next you are vulnerable. Things might never be the same again.

And think about a pregnancy. Suddenly your whole family tree is expanded. You know that this little stranger will arrive and will likely be with you and your relatives for decades.

Well, most of these things are the result of something that happens to us from external sources.

Let's take one minute to think about what we can initiate in less than a minute that would change our lives. We could write an encouraging note to someone. Even one or two sentences would be appreciated. We could think about our blessings. We could take a deep breath of fresh air while admiring the beauty of nature instead of just hurrying to the next appointment. We could write a cheque for a charitable organization. We could plan a nutritious meal. We could pray.

You see, life is made up of minutes and one at a time, we learn about or create the things that will change our lives.

What will you do in the next minute that will make a difference for you and for others?

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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