Important Things To Put On Your Business Card

Everyone seems to have a business card these days but some of them are not very good marketing tools. The print might be too small or in a font that is not easy to read. Sometimes the colours or paper used are distracting. The whole idea of having a business card is so that people can reach you.

Before you have your cards printed consider the following:

1. How will you state your name? Will you print your full name followed by all of your credentials or just your first name and surname? What font will you use?

2. Will you print a title under your name or just the name of the company?

3. What contact information do you want to include? Perhaps a website address could be enough. You might decide to have your telephone number, Fax, full address and email.

4. Do you want to add your photo, company logo or a graphic?

5. What will you do with the back of the card? Perhaps you would like to add all your social media contact information. Maybe you would choose to have a place where you can write the next appointment information. Would a quote or important steps to success be helpful for the clients and encourage them to keep your card in their wallet?

6. What colour of paper and ink will you use? It is best to prepare all of your marketing materials, brochures, and websites with the same design and consistency so that the client will begin to recognize you when they see different things that represent you and your business.

This week I was at a Conference and when someone asked for my card, I realized that I had several that only had printing on the back side. All of my social media sites were listed but the other side where you would expect to see my name and contact information was blank.

We laughed when I took a pen and merely wrote my website address on the blank side and then handed the card to the person who had requested it. You see I have designed and coordinated everything so that the business card is merely one piece of a rather comprehensive marketing plan. By writing my website on the card, I could be confident that all my contact information could be found easily and the visitor would be able to view other information in the process.

Design your business card carefully but also consider the other pieces that will work with it to form a complete marketing package.

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