If Life is a Game, These Are the Rules

Cherie Carter-Scott, has worked with over 200,000 individuals worldwide over the past twenty-five years. Her work as a trainer and consultant has included teaching those individuals what she terms "The Ten Rules For Being Human".

The author has written four books which have an underlying theme of providing motivation for life changes.

This book of Dr. Carter-Scott's is approximately 130 pages and physically very small but, at the same time, is packed full of principles and wisdom for the reader. The text has been included in a Chicken Soup For the Soul book as well as an Ann Lander's column in the past but in 1998 was published in this format as a self-help book.

Each of the ten rules forms a chapter which identifies lessons each of us can learn to improve our relationships in both work and personal situations. These are taught in an interesting manner and reinforced with the author's personal ancedotes.

Readers who truly desire to transform their lives can do so by understanding and embracing the prinicples that Dr. Carter-Scott describes so beautifully. Some might appear to be "common sense" ideas, but, as a whole, they form an actual formula for positive change which can be applied. Whether you are interested in learning, taking responsibility, handling problems or building your self-esteem, you can benefit by studying Dr. Carter-Scott's writing. When you are done, you will likely view your relationship with yourself and with others differently than you had previously viewed it.

If you are interested in an interesting read that provides text that will challenge your thinking, then this book is for you!

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