I Love This Country!
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I Love This Country!

I am a proud Canadian.

I love the memories of growing up in small town Saskatchewan where everyone kept an eye out for each other.  That didn’t just mean congratulating us for accomplishments but also correcting us when we were out of line and mentoring so we could develop good character.

I have always been pleased to hear about how Canadian tourists are welcomed in other countries when this hasn’t been the case for many others.

I like the fact that we have a large degree of freedom that allows us to go or a walk in the evening, grow a garden, talk with friends and family either in person or through technology and earn a living.

Some people yearn for the “good old days” but there were a lot of things that we would miss if we were thrown back into a previous decade without all our modern conveniences.

My heart beats a little harder and often I find a tear is forming in my eye when I hear our national anthem.  We sing not only of thankfulness for freedom and our blessings but also petition God to help us to keep these.

I love our Canadian humour and uniqueness.  Chocolate-covered almonds in a bag labelled “Moose droppings” and hoodies that we call “bunny hugs”.

The fact that we are multi-cultural adds interest and diversity to our communities.  We can learn from the ways of other ethnic groups and expand our perspectives.

I like the idea that we have choice.  We can grow our own lettuce with an indoor garden, buy it at the Farmer’s Market, go to a supermarket or add it to our online shopping order.

Canada’s environment offers us scenery with mountains, valleys, plains, rivers, and oceans.  We can camp, fish, hunt or just sit on the patio while watching a sunset and breathing clean air.

I love Canada!

I know that my grandparents pioneered this place.   They taught me lessons that were filled with common sense and practicality.  They gave history.  My grandchildren give me a glimpse into the future.  Same country. Same land but some new ideas.

Have you ever heard tourists from other countries complain about Canada?  I haven’t!  Usually they talk about the beauty of the landscapes and the kindness of the people.

Oh, there are always naysayers who focus on the negative, but I know that we are a truly blessed people.

I am really glad that we have Canada Day as it reminds us of what we easily take for granted the rest of the year.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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