I Live in my Bubble
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I Live in my Bubble

Some people live lives that are like a football field.   They let everyone run all over them and then throw Gatorade on them at the end of the fourth quarter.  They are worried about the opinions of others – even people that they don’t know.   Unfortunately, their desire to please can leave them feeling resentful, knowing that they have worked to get everyone else’s needs meet while theirs are neglected.

Others live as though they are surrounded by those big grey cement blocks that are used for building schools and hockey rinks.   They are so protective of themselves that they don’t let anyone get close to them.   This can leave the impression that they are “cold” and therefore prevent close relationships from forming.

I tend to live in a bubble.   I can see what is going on outside of it but try not to be so distracted that I lose my focus.

When people ask me what I think of President Trump I reply, “I am Canadian”.   When they talk about Prime Minister Trudeau I answer, “I have had over 8,000 clients and get only one vote”.   Of course, these words are said with tongue in cheek.

I am not naïve.   I do know what is going on in the world, but I definitely do not spend a lot of time getting wrapped up in the opinions that run twenty-four hours a day on radio and television.  I get the facts and move on.

Now this might sound negligent to you, but I know what I need to do in life and focus on those things.  I know my limits and don’t let things that I can’t control ruin my day or my mood.

I can wash my hands and stay out of groups, but I can’t stop the pandemic.  I can love my grandchildren and try to inspire them, but I can’t live their lives.   I can talk with my clients and offer them strategies and resources, but I know that I can’t change anyone, especially if they are not willing to change!

Practicing self-care so that I am physically and mentally well is my responsibility.  But I am not the only one who benefits.  My well-being prevents others from being burdened.

And so, on November 3 we will have the opportunity to witness yet another election in the United States.  We can’t control the outcome or even vote but we can watch the goings on with interest.

I will be there watching the show from inside my bubble.   How about you?

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