How to Succeed in Life and the New Year
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How to Succeed in Life and the New Year

I have seen more than 8,000 clients over the years that I have been in Medicine Hat. The other day I was thinking about what I would tell every single one of them if I was only allowed one nugget of wisdom to share. After a few minutes of deep thought, I decided that the best advice that I could give anyone is for them to focus on the right things.

It is very easy to become distracted by world events and disasters, relationship drama, financial stress, career challenges or addictions. There are also some very simple practices that, if given our attention, seem to make everything easier and reduce our stress. Here are a few that come immediately to mind:

1. Tell the truth all the time - When you tell a lie then you have to tell another to cover it up. After a series of lies you forget what the first one was! Also, your reputation is flawed by deceit as others will quickly learn that they cannot trust you or your word.

2. Spend less than you earn - Banks and credit cards have strange procedures. Sometimes they won't lend you money unless your financial situation is so good that you really don't need it. If you show even a brief period of responsibility, they increase your limits and soon you find that your debt mounts and the payments become overwhelming. The best way to do well financially is to have a good plan and utilize it.

3. Build a career - Take your work life into your own hands by deciding what you want to do and then becoming good at it. Set goals that include professional development, so you will always bring value to the marketplace. Practice being on time and delivering on time. Each of us is like a business and we all know that businesses succeed when others are pleased with the services offered.

4. Surround yourself with healthy and positive influences - We take on the habits and characteristics of those we are around the most. Make sure that your friends are encouragers, your reading is about people who have overcome difficulties and your mentors set good examples of achievement and kindness.

5. Protect your body - You likely wouldn't put sugar in the gas tank of your car and expect good performance. Your body does not function optimally if it is too tired, full of alcohol or drugs and never has regular exercise or nutrition.

6. Resolve and/or let go of issues from the past - None of us can change things that have already happened so there isn't any point in worrying or being depressed about what occurred way back when. If you need help with this, get it! Find a professional who is trained to help you deal with trauma and stress.

7. Have something to look forward to - When I am bored, I become boring. Because of this, I always have something interesting on my calendar. It is much easier to plan and schedule in advance.

At the start of each year, people adopt resolutions with good intentions. Unfortunately, within the first couple of months, motivation wanes and goals are forgotten. As we stand on the threshold of 2019, let's make sure that we choose one thing that we can commit to and achieve throughout the following twelve months.

Just think about what would happen if everyone just decided to tell the truth. It would be a very different world, wouldn't it?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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