New Year One Minute At A Time
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New Year One Minute At A Time

Did you know that you have 525,600 minutes waiting for you in the next year?

If you sleep for eight hours a night you will have used 175,200 minutes.

Working a forty hour week will allow 124,800 minutes towards your career goals.

If you spend three hours a day to prepare and eat meals, that would be 65,700 minutes.

Suppose that 7 hours a week will be used for hygiene and grooming. That is another 21,840 minutes.

Would four hours a week take care of the household chores? (12,480 minutes)

Now you will have 125,580 minutes that you can use anyway that you wish.

What will you do with them?

Do you ever find yourself saying "I don't have time?" Perhaps you should monitor what you are doing with your time. Some people watch four hours of television per day. That would be 87,600 minutes and only leave you with 50,460 minutes for other activities throughout the year. Time either works for you or against you.

For example, if you want to learn another language, it would only take three months until you are bilingual (as long as you don't default to your own language during that time). That would be 86,400 waking minutes. If you committed to doing volunteer work for two hours a week, you would give 7200 minutes.

Perhaps you will decide to commit three hours a week to learning a new skill - that's only 9360 minutes. (The research claims that you can become an expert at almost anything in 10,000 hours or 600,000 minutes!). Maybe you will promise yourself that you will read for an hour a day - 21,900 minutes.

Would you be willing to invest some time into the life of a child? How much change would 21,900 minutes produce?

How long do you think it might take you to finish that project that you started a long time ago?

What might happen if you invested 15 minutes a day into an exercise program? (5475 minutes in a year). Would it be a good investment to devote one hour a week into writing letters or making phone calls to friends or family who live far away? That would be another 21,900 minutes in the year.

It would only take a few minutes to clean out that drawer or closet, wouldn't it?

How much time will you spend on hobbies, with pets or just relaxing?

What amount of time will you invest into your relationship with your partner and children? What about with your parents and siblings?

How much time will you use to improve your health - so you will end up with more minutes in the long-run?

You see life is a series of choices - choices that are yours to make. Each of us has the same number of minutes waiting for us in the next year.

And what will you do when someone asks "Got a minute?"

Happy New Year!

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