Having the Wrong Partner Can Hurt Your Business
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Having the Wrong Partner Can Hurt Your Business

I once heard a story about how horses were tested to determine how much weight they could pull. The loads were weighed and recorded for each. Then the horses were harnessed together and there was an amazing result. Together the horses could pull far more than the total of the separate loads added together. That's the good news.

The bad news is that if you harness two horses together and they start pulling against each other than they can't pull any amount of weight.

When you are choosing either a life or business partner you need to make sure that you have gone through a very serious decision-making process that will help you to choose someone who will be the one who pulls with you and not against you.

Relationships are complex and there are so many things that can interfere with harmony, especially if you are with that person for several hours each and every day. It is therefore extremely important that you have the right person who will not only share goals and values but also be able to work with you in good times and bad.

When I grew up in a small community in Saskatchewan, I remember thinking about the two pharmacists who were co-owners of a store. The store was always very clean, well stocked and organized and the two men offered very good customer service. Seldom, however, did I see them talk with each other. In fact, they weren't always even in the same physical area of the building. Each seemed to know exactly what needed to be done and took responsibility for doing the task without a lot of dialogue.

The partnership lasted for several decades and supported the two large families in good style.

What a good example of teamwork.

Each of the men were married to one woman and together they raised their children and looked after their homes and yards.

You see, if you are going to do well, you need to have good partners in your personal and your business lives. But you also need to be a good partner. That means taking responsibility, doing your share and resolving conflict when it occurs (and it will). But the whole process begins with choosing to be with individuals who are mature and well-suited to your personality,

You see, life is choices and many of the choices you make as a young adult will affect you for the rest of your life.

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