Guilt-Driven Activity Can Hurt Your Business
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Guilt-Driven Activity Can Hurt Your Business

I always find it to be very sad when someone does things for the wrong reason. They may, in fact, stay for years and years in a job or business that they do not like just because they think they should. Well "shoulds" can form the bars of our own cages. They hold us as prisoner so that we cannot take risks or move on to do things that might otherwise bring joy.

Sometimes people take over a family business when they really are not at all interested in running it. They stay for decades because they are the third or fourth generation. The guilt prevents them from speaking the truth and they are afraid that there will be unbearable consequences if they do say what they want.

Over time, resentment builds and even though they are doing what is expected of them, they constantly feel caught between what they think is "right" and what they really, truly want in life.

Think of the young adult who becomes a doctor or lawyer just because the parents think that this is a good idea. They live in misery for years because all they wanted to do was go into business or art or music.

When parents age, one of the children often puts his or her life on hold to care for them. This is especially difficult especially if that person is in the "sandwich generation" - responsible for caring for both older and younger family members. Guilt holds them into the demanding schedule that does not allow for personal needs to be met. And with time, the fatigue can harm health and well-being.

Years ago I heard a fellow state that "guilt will not stick". His message was that a person can try to make you feel guilt about something. You have the choice and ability to not take it on and would be wise to ensure that you don't.

It really doesn't matter what you are feeling guilt about - it is important though that you not allow it to stop you from doing the things that will meet your needs and allow you to move forward in your life. Your are NOT responsible for the issues that everyone would like to throw at you. It might be necessary for you to delegate, hire staff or place responsibility on the individual who is eager to have you solve their problems.

There might be a little upset from others at first, but with time everyone will figure it out.

Just remember, you are responsible for yourself! Guilt is the enemy!

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