Goodbyes and Hellos

When one door closes, another opens. It is the end of summer and we need to say goodbye to the scorching hot days, flexible schedules and having school-aged children with us round the clock.

Yes, it is time to prepare for fall. That means so many things:

1. Reflect - The summer likely provided some wonderful memories. Review the photos, think about the fun times and share your experiences with others.
2. Prepare - Flyers display bargains for items that will help your child to enter a new grade with the tools they need. Pens, binders and calculators will likely be supplemented with some clothes that will replace the ones that the youngsters have outgrown so quickly.
3. Repair - Fall offers the best temperatures for painting and completing outdoor projects.
4. Recycle - You might be surprised by how much you can free up your life by getting rid of things that you don't want or need. Clean out some drawers and storage spaces. You might even be able to convert items into cash through a garage sale or internet posting.
5. Rest - Labour Day is the last long weekend before Thanksgiving!
6. Review - How is your life going? Are there things that you need or want to change? Fall is a good time to go over your insurance policies, subscriptions and living situation. What is working and what do you want to change or improve?
7. Register - Activities are rampant and there are many organizations and clubs available to you. No matter what your age, there are opportunities outside of your school or work life to enhance skills, bring pleasure and build social ties.
8. Plan - Each autumn offers new beginnings and the chance to set reasonable goals for the next few months. You might want to complete a course, break a habit, improve a skill, grow your business or develop a relationship. There are unlimited choices just waiting for you!
9. Harvest - You might be a farmer or gardener who is eager to reap rewards of your hard work over the past weeks. There are bins to ready, canning to be done and work to prepare for next spring.
10. Dream - Think about where you want to be in a year. In five years. In ten years. Ancient scripture states "Without a vision, the people perish".

So here is my plan for the fall. Even though I celebrated my sixty-fifth birthday in August and am eligible for pension benefits, I have decided to expand my practice. We have moved from a 660 square foot office into a 1360 square foot office in the same building where I have worked for twelve years. The contractors have turned the space into a beautiful and inviting environment. My son Mark, who is a Registered Social Worker, has registered for his Master's degree and the two of us are working as a team to meet the needs of clients.

Life is good and I am looking forward to fall! Are you? If not, do something about that.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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