Giving Thanks
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Giving Thanks

Every year Canadians celebrate a day of Thanksgiving near the beginning of October and Americans celebrate the same at the end of November.  Focus is usually on food, family and fun.


This year, all of my family members have been ill, so I spent the day on my own.  I still cooked turkey and turnips (traditional) and had rhubarb pie for dessert!


Because the holiday was different than in other years, I decided that rather than just thinking of the same usual things for which I am grateful, I would instead dig deeper.  In fact, I decided to create a list of 31 topics that we can all use to stimulate our minds – one for each day of the month.  That way, we can give thanks for something every day of every month instead of just once a year.


Here goes:

  1. Someone who has inspired me in the past.
  2. A specific time when I was very ill and then recovered.
  3. A professional who made my life easier than it would have been without that person.
  4. Beautiful places that have brought peace and rest.
  5. Music that is meaningful for me.
  6. A good friend
  7. Times when I was struggling but learned a good lesson as a result.
  8. Favourite recipes passed down through the generations.
  9. Interesting ways that I have been transported from place to place.
  10. Opportunities that suddenly appeared when things looked bleak.
  11. Messages from people I have never met that encouraged me.
  12. My favourite books and movies.
  13. Growing something with my own hands.
  14. Things that make me feel safe.
  15. Technology for work, personal communications and learning.
  16. Laughter and what provokes it.
  17. Photographs of precious memories.
  18. Miracles that just can’t be explained in any other way.
  19. Sunshine and sunsets.
  20. An interesting resume that outlines my career history.
  21. Activities which have challenged me.
  22. Common sense (when you can find it!) 😊
  23. Watching people learn and mature.
  24. Having so many, many choices in so many, many different aspects of life.
  25. Being able to give to others – tangible and intangible.
  26. Freedom to believe what I want to believe.
  27. A country without war, tsunamis or famine.
  28. The opportunity to watch history occur as I age.
  29. People who I love and those who love me.
  30. Newspapers that publish my articles and those who read them.
  31. A topic not already mentioned.


Enjoy using this method for giving thanks every day of the month.  I bet you will soon find that you aren’t as tempted to focus on what you don’t have or what is annoying if you start doing this beginning today!

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