Give Thanks
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Give Thanks

 There is a wonderful song that I often sing which begins “Give thanks with a grateful heart”.  Sometimes life doesn’t offer things that we appreciate and sometimes we just plain forget to give thanks for our blessings.


Today, let’s focus on things for which we can give thanks:

  1. Health – I often say that if I can walk to the bathroom and do what is necessary there without help, then I am doing well.  We all struggle at times with illnesses or unwelcome diagnoses but there is always something for which we can give thanks.  What would that be for you?
  2. Wealth -This week I spoke with a couple who grew up in Hong Kong when they didn’t even have potatoes to eat. They talked about hunger and extreme poverty.  When we compare their story with the occasions when we felt that we are hard done by, there are very noticeable gaps.  Having a place to stay, something to wear and food to eat are blessings despite what might be described as humble.  It’s not what we want but what we need that is important.
  3. Growth – I’ve heard it said that experience is what you wish was happening to the other guy! It doesn’t feel very good to be going through tough times.  Everyone likes the peaks when life is exciting, and stress is reduced but the fruit actually grows in the valleys.  It is the difficulties we endure that build muscles – physical, emotional and spiritual.
  4. Mentorship – I have often thought about writing a book that would outline the special times in my life that someone encouraged me or gave me a piece to my puzzle that was missing. Think about when a teacher, relative, friend or even a stranger said or did something that helped you cope better and move closer to a goal.
  5. Laughter – Seeing the funny side of life can promote good health and interesting memories. Imagine how downcast our world would be if no one could see through the frustrations and get a glimpse of the hilarity around us. Smiles, chuckles as well as laughter also have ripple effects on everyone around.
  6. Love – For the first time ever, it seems that religion and science have the same focus. They recognize the healing power created through connections with other people.  Deep down everyone wants to be loved and to be able to give love.  What are the things and who are the people who you have shared this emotion with over the years?   Are you thinking about your dog, your garden, a grandmother or a partner?  How much love are you contributing to others and to society?


This week I had a lovely email from a lady named Beth who practices gratitude in an interesting way.  She wrote: “Two years ago, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that I didn’t seem to keep for very long, I started a jar of blessings.  Each time I have an invitation, a lovely phone call or visit, a pleasant interaction with a store help, etc. I write it down on a small slip of paper and put the slip in a jar.  On December 31st I read all the wonderful moments that I encountered. It is so easy to forget the small things as each day goes by…In 2023 I filled three jars as a wonderful testament to what a special year I have had.”


Thanks, Beth.  You are an inspiration to me and now also to my readers!


Give thanks with a grateful heart!
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