Getting Ready for New Year's Eve
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Getting Ready for New Year's Eve

Midnight on December 31 does not occur at the same moment across the globe. In fact, depending on the time zone involved, ending one year and welcoming the next can even be on different days. When and how you will celebrate is your choice. You do not need to have an expensive plan or unrealistic expectations.

Following are some suggestions to help you feel safe and happy on New Year's Eve:
1. Determine that you will maintain good boundaries to protect yourself and your values despite the situation or condition of others.
2. Consider the fact that you can plan a wonderful and relaxing evening at home that will save you a great deal of money if you choose to do so.
3. View a night on your own as a gift rather than as a "left out" situation.
4. If you are leaving home for the evening, enjoy a snack before you depart. This will reduce the temptation to have more calories than you had wanted to consume.
5. Call someone you care about before 7 p.m. to wish them "Happy New Year". You will likely both enjoy this more than waiting until midnight.
6. Search your closet to find an outfit that is clean, comfortable and attractive rather than purchasing something new.
7. Make sure you wear proper footwear and outerwear so you don't slip or get sick.
8. Ponder the fact that alcohol and drugs are NOT a requirement for celebrating and may, in fact, cause a number of unwanted problems.
9. Arrange for a ride home before you leave your house if you are planning to drink any alcohol or use drugs during the evening.
10. Know that defensive driving is always important if you are behind the wheel or riding with someone else but probably more so on a night when other people are partying.
11. Remind yourself that the.05 legal drinking limit is not a suggestion. It is a law!
12. Don't count on the romantic "midnight" kiss being all that romantic (or necessary).
13. Remember that it takes a lifetime to build your reputation and only a minute to lose it. Keep your dignity.
14. Spend some time thinking about the past year and give thanks for the blessings it offered you.
15. Forgive yourself for the things that you could have done better over the past twelve months.
16. Choose one thing that you will commit to doing next year for sure.
17. Name one thing that you will quit doing next year.
18. Think about something special that you will do on January 1 to welcome in the new year.
19. Get a good sleep. There is no law that states you have to stay up until or past midnight. (You can PVR the New York ball drop if necessary).
20. Choose to be happy. Yes, happiness is a choice!

Have a safe and rewarding transition into the new year!

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