Get the Help That You Need
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Get the Help That You Need

Sometimes when people are ill, they slide into a state of accepting things the way they are - even if they aren't working for them anymore. There are several things that those with Multiple Sclerosis patients can do that will improve their life:

  1. Renovations: Sometimes changing a doorway or removing a wall can provide an individual in a wheelchair a great deal of freedom that would otherwise not be experienced. Some of my clients have told me about how wonderful they have felt knowing that they can get into a shower or use toilet facilities once renovations were completed.
  2. Special aids - A motorized wheelchair, lift or "grabber" can make up for mobility limitations.
  3. Safety devices - Having an alarm that can be worn around the neck and pushed in case of an emergency will save a lot of fear and risk for the patient and family members.
  4. Professionals - Make sure that you have support from all the trained experts. A competent doctor, home care personnel, physiotherapist and pharmacist are invaluable individuals who will be some of your best assets.
  5. Proper Information - It is not good enough to read the internet as there is a lot of inappropriate advice. However, you can also receive inspiration, social support and a good deal of information that can be checked out or applied to determine feasibility. Make sure that you are tapped into the MS Society and the latest research possibilities.
  6. Treatment - Do not be afraid to try things that your professionals recommend. My sister went to Mexico for the new Liberation Treatment even though there is no empirical evidence that it is effective. Her doctor supported the idea and thankfully she now has some movement in both hands and both legs that were previously immobile.
  7. Positive Input - Attitude is everything and it is therefore important that you have lots of good, positive input every single day. Communicate with happy people. Listen to music. Think thoughts of hope.

I know from my sister and from the clients who I see that illness is a real downer. It is therefore important that you access all the resources that will make life for you and your family members better. It is bigger than convenience though. When you have the resources and services that you need you can then focus on being with other family members and enhancing relationships rather than just focusing on needs and how they might be met.

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